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Bidirectional Transformation for Relational View Update Datalog-based Strategies

BIRDS Command Line Tool



birds [OPTIONS]
-db         print debugging information
-f file     input program file, if not chosen, read from stdin
-b file     shell script file specifying the action, which will be executed when there is an update on the view, if not chosen, execute nothing
-o file     output SQL file, if not chosen, print to stdout
-l file     output verification file (optional)
-s schema   database schema name to connect to (default: public)
-h host     database server host (default: "localhost")
-c          connect and run the generated SQL on the database server
-import     connect and import the data schema from database server
-v          enable verifications
-i          optimize the update propagation by incremental rewriting rules
-e          optimize datalog rules
-u          speed up the verifications
-p port     database server port (default: "5432")
-U user     database user (default: "postgres")
-g user     the special user for global dejima synchronization (default: "dejima")
-dejima     detect updates on dejima views to perform pre-defined actions in the shell script file
-w password database user password (default: 12345678)
-d dbname   database name to connect to (default: "datalogdb")
-t timeout  timeout (second) (default: 120s)
-help       Display this list of options
--help      Display this list of options

For example, this command will transform the update strategy described in test1.dl to sql:

birds -s public -f test1.dl -o test1.sql